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The Sign of Pisces Feb 20th – March 20th

A pisces is the last of all the signs & has a little characteristic of each one. Pisces is a water element together with Cancer & Scorpio.

THE PISCES: In General
They have a strong imagination, are very sensitive and sympathetic to peoples feelings, compassionate. Very secretive, easily led & influenced. Shy, could be very talkative and amusing, good listener, emotions are easily stirred up, will easily cry, will show much compassion for the sick & needy, criticism can easily scar him and cause him to drop out from whatever he is doing. No prejudice, very flexible, can dream about things that will happen, can have psychic abilities & incognitive powers. Will take on burdens of others & not take care of themselves. They help relatives, they are practical jokers, dreamy, artistic, enjoy music, great painters, composers, performers, will give you his shoulder to lean on but also needs a shoulder to lean on.

They like leisurely surroundings and don’t like to be confound to one place, they like the easy life! Power of leadership or rank holds little attraction to them. A typical Pisces (unless he has a Capricorn rising) will say “I don’t want to be a millionaire – but I want to live like one” They don’t care for too much responsibility. If you see a rich Pisces most likely he inherited the money. They don’t swim upstream they take the path of least resistence. (Salmon swims upstream) Pisces should take on a challenge. Albert Einstein was a Pisces, George washington was a Pisces. Alcohol is dangerous for a Pisces. They usually have good memory but sometimes can forget a debt, but will give away that money to those unfortunate. Free of greed. Very charming in his manners & has a lazy good nature.

Some Pisces can have a temper from time to time from being irritable but can easily be calmed down. Easily moody,prefers to live on his own in a gentle world where everything is beautiful, hard time coming out of failure, changing course or making a practical decision. He may hide behind illusions & false hopes. Shirks from competition because of shyness but many of them overcome their shyness and become performers. They need to get over the fear of hard work & dullness of being patient . They have a tender love for every living creature, they usually love animals.

Gentleness & ability to concentrate from VIRGO
Judgement can be fair & detached from LIBRA
Crazy sense of fun, sympathy & crabiness from CANCER
Frankness & generosityfrom SAGITTARIUS
Fun-loving, happy & outgoingness from LEO
Devoted to duty & prone to melanchaly from CAPRICORN
Likes to tease & analyze from AQUARIOUS
Lots of enthusiasm (w/o the drive) from ARIES
Zip around & talk fast from GEMINI
Lazy, soft & peaceful from TAURUS
Strong penetration w/o being ruthless to figure out an individual from SCORPIO

Has a fondness of the base of the “Air Signs” Love of nature like the “Earth Signs” Aspiration like “Fire Signs” Moody like “Water Signs. A pisces if happy works well otherwise he can withdraw.

He keeps his thoughts to himself. He is a dreamer and may miss opportunities. Very sensitive & easily hurt. Very romantic and a good companion. Has a tolerant & tender nature. Very receptive to vibrations around him. Uncomfortable around people. Needs continuous reassurance. May have many friends. He admires beauty. Children will find him fun. If he’s depressed – take him out- suprise him with a ticket to go somewhere. Don’t blame him too much, very sensitive especially to harshness. Best to lead a charity org, has a hard time saying no, needs to be cheered and can cheer others.

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